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Tower 4


    Tower 4 Photos   




Trump notches an easy victory in 

New Hampshire’s Republican primary


I vote for Donald Trump.


My recent "Guests" and very Welcome, too! 

Hint, LMR-400 does NOT have a Diamond pattern on it! The last two

photos show their "Heads" looking at me taking photos of them. The photos

are of my un-finished transfer box at the base of tower 4.

Florida Amateur Repeater Search Database

APCO-25 Digital ID Database Search


More information about the Florida c-Bridge coming soon!

I am going to re-structure my c-Bridges to serve

Florida MotoTRBO Repeaters and Florida ONLY.

DMR to me is now the Digital Toilet of Amateur



Chuck W4CLL 



    FL-DMR c-Bridge "Last Heard List"   


N5QM's DMR "Last Heard List"


DCI Netwatch

PRN Netwatch



    Florida Repeater Council   


Click the links below to submit an electronic renewal , update or new application.


RENEWAL - Notify the FRC that a repeater is active and is operating in compliance 

with its current coordination.

COORDINATION UPDATE - Update an existing coordination with changes that DO NOT  

affect the coverage area of the repeater (trustee, sponsor, contact information, repeater 

operating features or callsign, link and control frequencies or other repeaters linked to).

NEW COORDINATION or RE-COORDINATION - Apply for coordination of a new repeater, 

request a change of repeater frequency pair, or update an existing coordination with 

changes that affect the coverage area of the repeater (location, antenna height or effective 

radiated output power).

Chuck W4CLL  FRC District 4 Director



Tampa Bay Ham Fest Website


    Photos from the 2014 Hamfest in Plant City   

Photos from the 2013 Hamfest in Plant City

73 Chuck W4CLL

W4CLL Weather Site #1

CWOP Information for W4CLL (AS995) in Plant City, FL US

W4CLL Weather Site #2

Note: Humidity sensor inop on site #2

Weather for your SmartPhone /PDA


2015 Lightning Strike Photos

So you never had RF in the Shack until Thor visited. Oops!

That new RFC 400 cable looks just fine!!! 



Click on any photo above for a 25 Mega-Pixel Image.


How to become a "Ham"

Materials for New Hams

    My Wireless "Fire Control Console Project"   

(One microphone to many radios! and yes, it will be wireless....)


FCC Part 97 Rules governing The Amateur Radio Service

A PDF file as copied from The ARRL website

FCC Title 47 – Part 97

FCC Title 47 - Part 97

Subpart C—Special Operations

§ 97.205 Repeater station.


(e) Ancillary functions of a repeater that are available to users on the input 

channel are not considered remotely controlled functions of the station. 

!!! >   Limiting the use of a repeater to only certain user stations is permissible.  < !!!




    FCC Repeater Warning   



    Digital Radio Information Page   

New IWCE information added on 16-Apr-2015



APCO-25 / P-25 in the South Lakeland Florida Area

W4CLL Analog/P-25 Repeater  

147.375 MHz. + 0.6 MHz. Offset

  mixed mode  

PL: 127.3 Hz.

P-25 NAC: 293

This Quantar Repeater is on N4KEG's tower 600 Ft. AMSL!!!

Enable Tone Squelch to eliminate the P-25 "buzzing" on your analog rig.

W4CLL P-25 Repeaters Quick Link


APCO-25 / P-25 in the East Tampa Florida Area 440 Ft. AGL

W4CLL Analog/P-25 Repeater  

145.410 MHz- 0.6 MHz. Offset 

  mixed mode

Analog PL: 131.8 

P-25 NAC: 293

Enable Tone Squelch to eliminate the P-25 "buzzing" on your analog rig.

W4CLL P-25 Repeaters Quick Link

I currently use a Motorola APX 7000 VHF/UHF GPS handheld,  

a Motorola XPR 7550 UHF DMR handheld,

a Motorola SL 7550 UHF DMR handheld,

six Motorola XPR 5550 UHF DMR mobiles,

a Motorola XPR 6550 UHF DMR handheld,

a Motorola XPR 5350 UHF DMR mobile,

a Motorola XPR 3500 VHF DMR handheld,

a Motorola XPR 2500 VHF DMR mobile,

ten Motorola XTL 5000's VHF & UHF with 

O3 and O5 Ctrl Heads,

Motorola XTS-2500i III VHF handheld, 

a Motorola Astro Saber II VHF handheld, 

a Kirisun DP-770 UHF DMR handheld,

a Hytera MD-782G UHF DMR mobile, 

a Hytera PD-782G UHF DMR handheld,

and a Hytera X1p DMR handheld. 

I will add more details and info as time permits. 

Please note that the "Flash Code" really determines what the radio capabilities 

are when it was made!

If you want to play with P-25, this is required > Q806/G806 IMBE/APCO-P25 Digital Operations

My the Digital be with you!   ;-)


Downtown Lakeland Florida

W4CLL Analog Repeater  at 586 Ft. ASL

  442.975 MHz. + 5 MHz. Offset 

PL: 100.0 Hz.

W4CLL FM Repeater Quick Link

 DMR in Lakeland, Florida  600 Ft. AMSL

W4CLL Moto TRBO Repeater  

The Lakeland DMR Repeater has been repaired thanks to

Jeff at Sandy's Communications in Mission Hills, CA.

http://www.sandyscomm.com  813-445-4200

  442.025 MHz. + 5 MHz. Offset

Color Code: 1

Note: Please use only the below group codes on this repeater.

No other Group Codes are supported or allowed!

Time Slot: 1

Group Code: 3 = Florida 1

    Group Code: 310 = TAC 310  (PTT)   

    Group Code: 410 = TAC 410  (PTT)   


Time Slot: 2

Group Code: 2 = Local Users

    Group Code: 400 = TAC 400  (PTT)   

Group Code: 3112 = Florida 2

Group Code: 3153 = Washington State


 new.gif (12853 bytes) DMR in Plant City, Florida  new.gif (12853 bytes)

W4CLL Moto TRBO Repeater  

  442.675 MHz. + 5 MHz. Offset

Color Code: 1

Note: Please use only the below group codes on this repeater.

No other Group Codes are supported or allowed

Time Slot: 1

Group Code: 3 = Florida

    Group Code: 310 = TAC 310  (PTT)   

    Group Code: 410 = TAC 410  (PTT)   

Time Slot: 2

Group Code: 2 = Local Users

    Group Code: 400 = TAC 400  (PTT)   

Group Code: 3112 = Florida 2

Group Code: 3153 = Washington State



new.gif (12853 bytes) DMR in Tampa, Florida   new.gif (12853 bytes)

W4CLL Moto TRBO Repeater  

  443.775 MHz. + 5 MHz. Offset

Color Code: 1

Note: Please use only the below group codes on this repeater.

No other Group Codes are supported or allowed!

Time Slot: 1

Group Code: 3 = Florida

    Group Code: 310 = TAC 310  (PTT)   

    Group Code: 410 = TAC 410  (PTT)     

Time Slot: 2

Group Code: 2 = Local Users

    Group Code: 400 = TAC 400  (PTT)   

Group Code: 3112 = Florida 2

Group Code: 3153 = Washington State



For a remote DMR Repeater site without Internet access you might want to

consider the following solution.

WiFi Radio: Internet on the Go (you can find these at Walmart)


Access point: Pep Wave Surf AP 200  I found these on eBay

for $14.99 & $9.95 shipping.

new.gif (12853 bytes) My newest Motorola DMR Radio  new.gif (12853 bytes)


Motorola XPR 3500 VHF


Specification Sheet (PDF)

XPR 3500 User Guide

The USB programming cable for the XPR 3500 is PMKN4115B or higher.


If you want the Best DMR Portable, then this radio is it! (IMHO)

Motorola XPR 7550


Specification Sheet (PDF)

XPR 7550 User Guide

Oh, did I forget to mention, the XPR 7550 can be programmed via Bluetooth

No programming cable needed!

The USB programming cable for the XPR 7550 is PMKN4012B or higher.

I purchased this radio from Jeff at sandyscomm.com



new.gif (12853 bytes) My newest Hytera  DMR Radio  new.gif (12853 bytes)


Hytera X1p

C4FM TDMA 12.5 KHz.

DMR with FPP

X1p Owners Manual

This is a top of the line quality handheld radio.

Chuck W4CLL




If you like quality and want the best, then this radio is Top of the Line in DMR.

Oh, did I forget to mention, the XPR 5550 can be programmed via Bluetooth

No programming cable needed!

Motorola XPR 5550   DMR TRBO


Specification Sheet (PDF)

The USB programming cable for the XPR 5550 is HKN6184C

The Serial programming cable for the XPR 5550 is HKN6183B

If you feel feisty, you can make your own USB programming cable with the Accessory Connector

shown in the photo below. I have made several with no problems.

new.gif (12853 bytes) MOTOTRBO XPR 5000 SERIES ACCESSORIES  new.gif (12853 bytes)

new.gif (12853 bytes) Mototrbo Repeater/Radio Accessory Connector  new.gif (12853 bytes)

I purchased this radio from Jeff at sandyscomm.com


I currently have six XPR 5550 UHF mobiles.



PMLN7131A PMLN7131 - Motorola MotoTRBO HHCH Handheld Control Head Kit

I just received my first one from Jeff and the HHCH works better than I expected.

I have a 5M straight extension cable (PMKN4174) used for a trunk mount install.

I now have one  HHCH in each Caravan and a third HHCH in the Lincoln.

I purchased all of the above Color HHCHs from Jeff at sandyscomm.com






Motorola SL 7550 DMR TRBO 2 Watt UHF Handheld

Just got my pinkies on this rig. Wow !!!!

Oh, did I forget to mention, the SL 7550 can be programmed via Bluetooth

No programming cable needed!

Any generic Micro-USB cable can be used to program the SL-7550 radio.


SL 7550 User Guide

Chuck W4CLL

I purchased this radio from Jeff at sandyscomm.com



Hytera PD 782G


This is a very good handheld radio. I use it along with a Motorola

XPR 6550 handheld radio.

Chuck W4CLL


Hytera   MD782U


I use this radio in the 02 Caravan.

Chuck W4CLL



Shown above with O5 Control Head


Shown above with O3 "Odyssey" handheld Color Control Head

Motorola XTL 5000

This is my preferred P-25/Analog

VHF & UHF Radio

I currently have nine XTL 5000 radios.

Specification sheet



    EF Johnson Analog FM / Digital P-25 Radios   

5100 Portable


Click on any photo above for an 8 Mega Pixel image.

The radio pictured above is a VHF Analog / P-25 5 Watt

with FPP (Front Panel Programmable), Digital Alias capable and

uses a Motorola XTS 3000 battery or equivalent.

The above radio will work with my three VHF Motorola Quantars 

Analog and P-25 Digital Mode.


RS-5300 Mobile 100 Watt



Click on any photo above for an 8 Mega Pixel image.

I will update the info on the above radio in the coming week. I now have the ability

to program the radio to the 2M Ham band. This radio will do the Ham 2M VHF

band and is P-25 capable. The radio is now working on the 2M Ham band. And

it works using P-25 great! I am very pleased with this mobile radio.

new.gif (12853 bytes)  EF Johnson 5300 Guide PDF  new.gif (12853 bytes)

new.gif (12853 bytes)  EF Johnson 51xx & 53xx Model Breakdown Chart  new.gif (12853 bytes)

Oh, one last point. These radios are far less expensive than the Mother "M" radios I use. I

purchased the EF Johnson radios at the Melbourne Ham Fest this past October and I

am very impressed with the EF Johnson mobile & portable radios. If you want to get into

P-25 and enjoy the superior audio quality of Digital Communications, then the above 

radios would be a good place to start. Who knows, you might find some at the

Tampa Bay Ham Fest in Plant City this December or the Orlando HamCation in


Chuck W4CLL





My newest Digital Radios arrived 9-Dec-13.


Kirisun S780 / FP460

400-470 MHz. Digital C4FM FDMA Radio

6.25 KHz. Digital

Kirisun website

My first impression of this FDMA dPMR radio:

I am very happy with the Kirisun S780 radio. It performs very well in WFM

mode. The Digital Mode audio is excellent! Programming is very straight forward.

I purchased two from 409shop.com in China. I paid less than $120.00 for each

radio. I also purchased the USB programming cable, although I really wanted the

serial cable as no drivers are required for serial. I did purchase a spare battery.

I will be ordering more of these radios. I will next inquire about a Kirisun

dPMR Mobile radio for the vehicle or desktop. These radios have the same features as DMR radios.

SMS (Short Message Service) and pre-defined messages that can be sent to

a targeted user, a group or all radios on the repeater. In DMR you can tell if

the recipient actually received your message. And the recipient will have

a message waiting on his radio. These radios will also allow if

programmed, Stun, Kill and Revive function.


I purchased two more Kirisun S780 dPMR radios in December from the

www.409shop.com with delivery time of 13 or 14 days.

Kirisun DP 770


DP 770 Brochure

DP 770 User Manual


I now have one of these DMR units to test.

The max number of contacts: 512

The max number of memory channels: 1024




Kirisun   TM 840


TM 840 brochure

new.gif (12853 bytes)  Arduino and XBee Projects & Info  new.gif (12853 bytes)



Arduino Uno


Arduino Documents, Schematics and Info



XBee Wireless Radios

Xbee Documents, Schematics and Info


new.gif (12853 bytes) Amateur related Items/Equipment/Radios For Sale  new.gif (12853 bytes)


My Tampa Area Repeater List

new.gif (12853 bytes) My Ham Fest List  new.gif (12853 bytes)

Florida Repeater Council

2 Meter Narrow Band Policy


new.gif (12853 bytes) Another Yaesu Wires Disabling Info site  new.gif (12853 bytes)


Motorola Quantar Module Chart

Specifications for a
Motorola Quantar Repeater

Brochure for Quantar

new.gif (12853 bytes)  Quantar FRU Numbers  new.gif (12853 bytes) 

Quantar Instruction Manual

Quantar Service & Alignment procedure




MTR 2000 Station/Repeater



Motorola MTR 2000 Station Index Page

The above link from www.repeater-builder.com


I found this UHF repeater at the Melbourne Hamfest Oct 10th, 2015. 

I bought it just to give me hands-on experience with the MTR 2000.

I will add more information here as time permits.

 Chuck W4CLL

My Linux Bash Command List

more Linux Bash Commands

Linux Cheat Sheet


new.gif (12853 bytes)  Schematics & Drawings  new.gif (12853 bytes)  

new.gif (12853 bytes)  RF Connector Assembly  new.gif (12853 bytes)  

Mini-UHF Assembly

Type "N" Connector Assembly is next!

new.gif (12853 bytes)  The Difference Between a Null Modem  new.gif (12853 bytes)  

new.gif (12853 bytes)  and Straight Through Serial Cable  new.gif (12853 bytes)  


FEMA Emergency Management Institute Website



new.gif (12853 bytes)  Disaster Communications Corps Website  new.gif (12853 bytes) 

Disaster Communication Corps, Inc. is recognized by the

IRS as a 501-c3 Tax Exempt Charitable orginization.


My workbench !


I cleaned it up just a bit!

In the photo above you can see my first Motorola VHF 110 Watt P-25/Analog  Quantar

Repeater. I now have 2 more VHF 110 Watt P-25/analog  Quantars and 1

UHF 25 Watt P-25/analog Quantar. I just added a 800 MHz. Database Quantar to my growing list

of repeaters from "Mother M". HP 8590L 9 KHz. - 1.8 GHz. Spectrum

Analyzer. Schlumberger SI 4015 Stabilock Service Monitor. Motorola/Bird

Model 6154 Wattmeter. A Motorola Astro Spectra 110 Watt Trunk Mount P-25/analog

VHF Radio on the workbench backboard. (behind the Red wire)

Test equipment not in the photo includes:

a Wavetek SSI 3000B Service Monitor. HP 8591E 9 KHz. - 1.8 GHz.

Spectrum Analyzer. Tektronix TDS 544A Color Four Channel Digitizing Oscilloscope.

Tektronix TDS 340A Two Channel Digital Real-Time Oscilloscope 100 MHz. / 500 MS/s

Tektronix 7904 Four Hole Main Frame DC to 1 GHz. With many plug-ins.

Sony/Tektronix 335 Two Channel Portable Oscilloscope. HP 5245L Frequency Counter

with plug-ins. HP 5345A Frequency Counter. Wavetek Model 288 Synthesized

Function Generator.

Address Allocation for Private Internets (RFC1918)

(   (   (

Classless Internet Domain Routing (CIDR)

new.gif (12853 bytes)  "FQDN" or Fully Qualified Domain Name !!  new.gif (12853 bytes)


Dual Band J-Pole project



TYT 9000 D (220-260MHz

I purchased this radio from www.radio-mart.net



new.gif (12853 bytes)  W4CLL 220 MHz Plant City Repeater  new.gif (12853 bytes)

Rx: 223.920 MHz.

Tx: 222.320 MHz.    PL: 146.2

I am using a Arcom RC-210 Controller.


For a digital playback of what the receiver hears,

key up, Touch-Tone four ones, un-key, wait for the repeater

reply  "ready", then key-up and grace the repeater with 

your melodious message. Release your PTT button and 

listen to your message from the repeater.


new.gif (12853 bytes)  220 MHz J-Pole Antenna  new.gif (12853 bytes)

The below info courtesy Bob WD8U

EDUCYPEDIA - electronics

 The educational encyclopedia

Slim Jim antenna calculator

KB9VBR Antennas

My "Winged Guest"

" The Story of Turd "

Contributed by an Anonymous Gentleman of Fine repute and A Traveling Man for sure!


In the photos below: "The Boss"  aka "Turd" ....




Click on any photo above for an 8 Mega Pixel image.

Top daily DDoS attacks worldwide

So, your computer is running slower than it used to.....


Click on the above BotNet link at Wikipedia.org

FBI  June 13, 2007 Press Release
Over 1 Million Potential Victims of Botnet Cyber Crime


new.gif (12853 bytes)  Amateur radio Manuals  new.gif (12853 bytes) 


http://www.alpharubicon.com/elect/jpolejaden.htm  submitted by: KI4HRO

http://www.dxzone.com/catalog/Antennas/VHF_UHF/ submitted by: KI4HRO


My Electronics Toy Store in Ohio

new.gif (12853 bytes)  MCM Electronics  new.gif (12853 bytes) 

I first discovered MCM Electronics at Dayton Hamvention last

year. They had a booth loaded with Raspberry Pi goodies!

I purchased several Raspberry Pi 2 Model B 1GB



NASLite - Network Attached Storage Server

Antenna Calculator

Great Circle Calculator

Conversion Calculator

Hex Calculator

Trigonometry calculator for right angled triangles

dBm to mW Conversion

Wire Gauge and Current Capacity Table

ERP Calculator for a Repeater

Repeater ERP Calculator

Power Calculator — db /Watts/ EIRP

Calculation: Amplification (gain) and damping (loss)
as factor ( ratio) to the level in decibels (dB)



CIDR is the short for Classless Inter-Domain Routing, an IP addressing scheme 

that replaces the older system based on classes A, B, and C. A single IP address 

can be used to designate many unique IP addresses with CIDR. A CIDR IP 

address looks like a normal IP address except that it ends with a slash followed 

by a number, called the IP network prefix. CIDR addresses reduce the size of 

routing tables and make more IP addresses available within organizations.

CIDR to IP range

This tool converts CIDR to IP range.


IP Range to CIDR

This tool converts IP range to CIDR.



For Sale: AN/FRR-23 Communications Receiver

with Original Service Manual

   SWTPC Motorola 6800 Computer!  

W4CLL Links


USNS Gen. H. S. Vandenberg, T-AGM-10

I went aboard this ship to work for RCA International Service Corp. at Cape

Kennedy around 1969 after a four year tour in the U.S. Navy.

---- Chuck Lavender ----

This is the ship used in the 1998 movie

"Virus" starring Jamie Lee Curtis.



QRZ callsign lookup:

   C A L L O O K  



Free Ham Radio Callbook

Yes, you can be banned from a repeater

Wicked Hubless Bike

Wicked Hubless Bike Update

   Click on the eSet Button above for a link to  

    eSet's free Online Anti-Virus Scanner  

Google - You now own a BLACKHOLE at 

NetRange: - 


Oh, by the way, Google does not provide a "abuse@google.com" to accept

SPAM complaints! Google is now into the SEO SPAM e-mail bombing biz.


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America from Hell users (aol.com) duh!

If you have a America from Hell e-mail address, do not bother

trying to enter it on my servers or try to send me e-mail.

This Flea on a Elephant's Ass company (aol.com) bounces

smtp traffic from my servers to America from Hell e-mail accounts.

I treat people as they treat me. I bounce inbound

from aol.com to my SMTP servers. Get a Real

e-mail account from yahoo.com or Gmail (Google).


My SMTP servers will NOT accept any e-mail from:

*.outbound.protection.outlook.com   CIDR:
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My SMTP servers will NOT accept any e-mail from AOL.COM  CIDR:

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    My SMTP servers will NOT accept any e-mail from wideopenwest.com  CIDR:  

The above Idiots do not mind sending me email with a virus attached. However this

Idiot ISP bounces abuse@wideopenwest.com for the offending email I received

from one of their Idiot customers. 


DeSoto Lodge # 105 , Riverview, Florida            Tampa Scottish Rite, Tampa, Florida       Egypt Shrine - Tampa, Florida

Raised March 30, 1978


VE-28663            VE-28663          CE-60668


W5YI / ARRL      VE-28663

 NRE                     CE-60668 

GROL             PG-7T-10352


For more information about Amateur / Commercial exam locations

click on the W5YI link below.






Federal Bureau of Investigation Homepage


Florida Statutes Title XLVI CHAPTER 815





'Il Silenzio' - Melissa Venema (13 yo)



GM Hy-Wire "Car of the Future"



Car Runs On Air



    My new Jogging Partner!  


hosted by

Plant City Digital Society

a unit of W4CLL

2302 Carol Loop 

Plant City, Florida  33563-1934

Look me up on QRZ.com for my e-mail address


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